Kyoto Zabuton Square Cushion
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Kyoto Zabuton Square Cushion

Kyoto Zabuton cushion is hand-made in Japan. This cushion may be used as a floor pillow, as a meditation cushion or as a decoration object. Functional zabuton cushion is made of 100% cotton. Many colors and 4 sizes are available.

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Zabuton are traditional Japanese cushions with nearly 1000 years of history. Originally, zabuton indicated high status, and were only used by people such as the emperor and members of the imperial court, or most revered of Buddhist monks. Now, zabuton are part of daily life and are central to Japanese omotenashi culture of hospitality. Our Kyoto Zabuton are made true to the traditions of our unique city, but have been also been adapted for greater stability and comfort. 
Use one of our zabuton cushions and you’ll never want an ordinary cushion again!

Fabric: 100% bomull

Filling: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester 


50 x 55 cm

55 x 59 cm

59 x 63 cm

64 x 68 cm

Colors: available in diffirent colors, see pictures. If you can't order a cushion in required color, please let us know by writing to providing color  which you are interested in.

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